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We are absolutely thrilled with the feedback we have received over the last few weeks in response to our new album.

So much so, that we have dedicated a full page just to show them off.


Have a read, have a listen and ENJOY 

(Please note, links to reviews and interviews below will take you to the host's webpage)

"Deeply moving recording"

                                                                                                  - RTE's Shay Byrne

"I adore the album"

                                                                                                  - Eve Blair BBC Radio Ulster

“A Fabulous Collection featuring wonderful Vocals” 

                                                                                                   - Acoustic Yard Radio Show                                                                                                                  David Dee Moore

Review by Declan Culliton for Lonesome Highway

The weekly challenge we are presented with is to select which nine album reviews to post, such is the quality and indeed quantity of music arriving daily at Lonesome Highway HQ. This week's Super 9 come from Grant NesmithIsrael Nash, Esther Rose, Hjalte Ross, Jim Ghedi, KB Bayley, Martin Simpson, David Olney / Anana Kaye,

and last but certainly not least Somerisesomefall Music.


The last noted album and group features a collective of Irish musicians who have recorded a stunning selection of cover songs, the proceeds of which will be directed to Aware Ireland, who support mental illness sufferers. A wonderful cause and equally impressive album, do check it out.

Review by Michale Olney Cork Independent

Lovely review of  Somerisesomefall Music "No Simple Highway" by 

Michael Olney Of Cork Independent

Nice to see that the project impacted positively on the artists involved

“Being part of the SomeRiseSomeFall project was an uplifting experience, a chance to create with a great sense of positivity amongst a collective of gifted artists,” John Blek Fellow Cork artist Anna Mitchell


“The collective worked together to create something beautiful, with the aim of highlighting certain tough subject matters that often get overlooked in today's society.”


‘Something beautiful’ | Cork Independent

Review by Allan Wilkinson for Northern Sky

These songs are guaranteed to take you somewhere else, and probably somewhere special.

Review by The Verge

Review by Paul Downey for deMarsMagazine

Fabulous In-depth review of "Funny Time of Year" - so grateful to see someone really listen to a track and recognise the artistry supplied by Anna Mitchell, David Murphy, Hassey Brian, Hugh Dillon and Davie Ryan & the gorgeous production by Brian Casey at Wavefield Recording Studios

Some Rise Some Fall - Funny Time of Year feat. Anne Mitchell & Band - deMarsMagazine

Interview with Martin Bridgeman for KCLR 96fm

“No Simple Highway” is a beautiful collection of songs, an old fashioned ‘album’, if you follow me. It’s for lovers of great songs, written by great songwriters of previous generations, interpreted and performed in turn by great Irish songwriters of this generation, with a talented supporting cast of great musicians and engineers.


"It’s been a pleasure to listen and play this album on the show. One of my tipped albums of the year in my opinion. It’s a rare gem."

Ceol Anocht: Interview : Michael Fitzgerald (Some Rise Some Fall) : 26/2/2021 (

Interview on West Lim 102 fm by Purewaves102 

Some lovely words from the host over at Purewaves102 fm

SomeRiseSomeFall Interview On West Lim 102fm by purewaves102 (

Interview with Noel Casey for Dublin City fm

"Beautiful project, gorgeous guitar work, beautiful production,

and gorgeous booklet"

We count ourselves as Friends Who Like 'After Midnight '

- Dublin City fm and were proud to be in such company.

After Midnight 22nd Feb. 2021 by Noel Casey | Mixcloud

Interview with Dave Mac for Dave Mac's Local Legend on Cork's Red fm

An in teresting and uplifting chat with Dave Mac on Cork's Red Fm.

Michael Fitzgerald of 'Some Rise Some Fall’ Collective - Dave Mac's Local Legend - Cork's RedFM

Interview with Irish Radio Canada

Chuffed to have had this opportunity to speak with the guys over at Irish Radio Canada

Michael Fitzgerald Anna Mitchell SomeRiseSomeFall - Irish Radio Canada

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