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Welcome to the website of SomeRiseSomeFall.

SomeRiseSomeFall is a community of songwriters, musicians, and creatives based in Cork. 

Latest Single from our 2nd
"No Simple  Highway" will be released 17th January 2022

I Remember You by SomeRiseSomeFall  ft John Blek 

The ever-evolving collective brings together artists such as Martin Leahy, John Blek, Rowan, Anna Mitchell, Kevin Herron, Marlene Enright with producer Brian Casey, videographer Allie Glynn, dancer Kelly Justin and artists Riona O'Regan, Bridget Flannery, and Harry Moore to interpret & reimagine songs for unique new recordings and art.





FITZZ Records funds community projects with all proceeds from the project going towards assisting organizations to help those facing mental health and other challenges.


Our most recent critically acclaimed album released in 2021 titled ‘No Simple Highway’ is the creative vision of Michael Fitzgerald (FITZZ Records) who established SomeRiseSomeFall to highlight the transformative powers of music and collaboration.


Track from our newest album, No Simple Highway.

A song by Anna Mitchell and band "Funny Time of Year"

Have a look through our full collection of music & gig videos

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