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Funny Time of Year


SomeRiseSomeFall announce the release of their single ‘Funny Time Of Year’ featuring Anna Mitchell & Band. 

Released: Friday, Jan 29th on FITZZ Records in aid of 

Cork Simon Community

‘Funny Time Of Year’ is a song written by Beth Gibbons (of Portishead) and Paul Webb (Rustin Man, formerly of Talk Talk) that was originally released on their

Out Of Season’ album in 2002. 

‘No Simple Highway’ - to be released on Feb 26th - is the creative vision of Michael Fitzgerald (FITZZ Records) who established the SomeRiseSomeFall collective to highlight the transformative powers of music and collaboration. The album is a compilation album of performers and carefully selected songs featuring all-new recordings.

This new unique interpretation was recorded by Anna Mitchell & Band at Wavefield Studios and is the lead single from the forthcoming SomeRiseSomeFall album entitled

‘No Simple Highway’

Funny Time of Year is now available on Bandcamp

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