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about us 


Michael Fitzgerald - The Project director and owner of Some Rise Some Fall Limited, a company which believes in the power of art to connect and the responsibility of companies to impact their community in a positive way. To date, we have collaborated with the following songwriters

Anna Mitchell - featured on "No Simple Highway".

John Blek - featured on "No Simple Highway"

Marlene Enright - featured on "No Simple Highway"

Kevin Herron - featured on "No Simple Highway".

Rowan - (Dylan Howe, Fionn Hennessy-Hayes, Kevin Herron, and Phillip Dunphy) featured on "No Simple Highway".

Annette Buckley - featured on "Some Climb" our debut album.

Martin Leahy - Multi-instrumentalist and producer featured on "Some Climb" our debut album and exciting releases in 2021

Edel Sullivan - fiddler and composer featured on "Some Climb" our debut album and exciting releases in 2021

Ger Wolfe Featured on "Some Climb".

Hank Wedel - Irish-American Cork singer, songwriter, and legend featured on "Some Climb"

And the wonderful musicians 

Martin Leahy

Multi-instrumentalist and producer featured on "Some Climb" our debut album and our latest single "Sign On My Mind" released 18th June and EP "Merrengal" released July 2021

Brian Hassett

(bass on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

Davie Ryan 

(drums on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

Hugh Dillon 

(guitars on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

David Murphy 

(pedal steel on No Simple Highway),

Christy & Tim Leahy 

(accordion on tracks on "Some Climb"),


Special thanks to Brian Casey of Wavefield Studios who has produced the tracks recorded for "No Simple Highway" and Martin Leahy who produced and played all of the instruments on the new EP "Merrengal" and most of the instruments on our debut album "Some Climb"


Huge gratitude to the producers who translated Michael's emotional map of what the songs might become into two works of musical and emotional beauty.

Not forgetting!...

Allie Glynn - Photographer and video maker

Bridget Flannery, Riona O'Regan & Harry Moore: Design & Art

Kelly Justin - Project Dancer, Web & Graphic Design

Colm Walsh - Videomaker for our first two singles

SomeRiseSomeFall is a music project employing the talent of artists - songwriters ,musicians & visual artists. It is an initiative of the company Some Rise Some Fall Limited. The initiative looks to build connection within the community through artistic projects that examine the human condition.


The SomeRiseSomeFall project aims to produce recordings that reflect all facets of the human condition and to inspire in the face of lifeʼs challenges, and everyone involved shares a profound belief in the transformative power of music.

The recent critically acclaimed 2nd album released in 2021 "No  Simple Highway" focuses on love, loss, and grief and how music can express emotions that can help through difficult times.

After releasing our first album "Some Climb" Michael established an initiative Community Support Resources within his company that works with community organizations to create better connections to the wider community for vulnerable people within the community.



SomeRiseSomeFall, as well as being all about the music, is a project passionate about many social issues. The project's aim is to reach out via indigenous musical talent to highlight positive initiatives in two key areas:


- Mental health awareness & support 

- Social and community programs to improve the daily lives of those stuck in the limbo existence of the Direct Provision system.

- Community connection working in support of the Cork City Libraries Conversation Cafe initiative

- Talking to businesses about better mental health environments in the workplace


Commitment To Our Community


SomeRiseSomeFall continues to support those making positive impacts in the Community through our associated initiative Community Support Resources which partners with local community groups helping the most vulnerable and by informing the debate on better mental health outcomes

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