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Why We Do What We Do

Created with respect for the power of music to evoke emotion that is universal - often beautiful, often painful, but universal. 


This project brings together the collective talents of several gifted artists, to create music that will resonate with many, and that may inspire those who need help to shine on and to keep on shining...

SomeRiseSomeFall is a music project employing the talent of Cork-based songwriters and musicians. 
The SomeRiseSomeFall project aims to produce recordings that reflect all facets of the human condition and to inspire in the face of lifeʼs challenges, and everyone involved shares a profound belief in the transformative power of music.
After releasing our first album "Some Climb" Michael established an initiative Community Support Resources within his company that works with community organizations to create better connections to the wider community for vulnerable people within the community.
The forthcoming album "No  Simple Highway" focuses on love, loss, and grief and how music can express emotions that can help through difficult times.
SomeRiseSomeFall, as well as being all about the music, is a project passionate about many social issues. The project's aim is to reach out via indigenous musical talent to highlight positive initiatives in four key areas:
* Mental health awareness & support 
* Social and community programs to improve the daily lives of those stuck in the limbo existence of the Direct Provision system.
*Community connection working in support of the Cork City Libraries Conversation Cafe initiative
* talking to business about better mental health environments in the workplace
For further information on SomeRiseSomeFall, contact Project Manager Michael Fitzgerald on
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