Who we are:


Michael Fitzgerald ;- The guy with the idea, non-musician, bipolar dreamer and project director. To date we have collaborated with the following songwriters:

Anna Mitchell :- who will feature on "No Simple Highway"

Annette Buckley ;- featured on "Some Climb" our debut album

Dylan Howe:- who will feature on "No Simple Highway" with Rowan

Ger Wolfe ; Featured on "Some Climb";

Hank Wedel (Irish-Americn Cork singer, songwriter and legend);

John Blek:- who will be featured on "No Simple Highway"

Kevin Herron:- who will feature on "No Simple Highway"

Rowan:- (Dylan Howe, Fionn Henensy Hayes, Kevin herron and Phillip Dunphy) who will feature on "No Simple Highway"

and wonderful musicians

Brian Hassey (bass on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

Davie Ryan (fDrums on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

Edel Sullivan (fiddler, lecturer and advocate of music as therapy),

Hugh Dillon (guitars on tracks featuring Anna Mitchell),

Special thanks to Martin Leahy  who produced and played most of the instruments on our debut album "Some Climb" and Brian Casey of Wavefield Studios who has produced the tracks recorded for "No Simple Highway"


Huge gratitude to the producers who translated Michael's emotional map of what the songs might becoem into two works of muiscal and emotional beauty

and not forgetting...

Allie Glynn (Photographer and video maker)

Colm Walsh (Video maker for our first two singles)

Donna Rose (Artist, Historian and project manager with Community Support Resources)

Harry Moore (Photographer, graphic designer, sunshine daydreamer, Everest survivor);

Georgia Hopkins (Savannah-born gentle heart and original project manager)

And not least: Hans Diebschlag (artist, gentleman and endless source of encouragement),Aodhrua, Jerry Garcia, Richard Brautigan and Allen Toussaint, who are all unavoidably detained but are still inspirational and fundamental.

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