"SomeRiseSomeFall started out as the ultimate mix-tape for me. I wanted to enlist the musical talents of Ger Wolfe and Hank Wedel and multi-instrumentalist Martin Leahy & ask them to visit the emotional truth underlying a selection of songs that resonated deeply with me. These songs explored some of the more painful elements of the human condition while highlighting the need to shine on in the face of adversity. Over a number of years the project evolved to incorporate
other artistic expressions, including a commissioned original instrumental piece, composed and performed by fiddler Edel Sullivan and to include another Cork based singer-songwriter Annette Buckley, lending powerful and balancing female voice to the universal themes of pain and transformation.
Another aspect of the project is to help bring attention and understanding to the experiences and supports needed for those who suffer with mental ill health, and also to highlight to the plight of asylum seekers stuck for years in the limbo of the disgraceful Direct Provision system in Ireland. We support any initiative to improve the lives and circumstances of these families and individuals."   -
Mick Fitzgerald



1. Blind Spot (Greg Trooper)                   3:49
Ger Wolfe: Vocals, Martin Leahy: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Accordion, Mandolin; Áine Whelan: Backing Vocals
“I first came across the songwriting brilliance of Greg Trooper in Galway in 1994 where he played support to Guy Clark and sang this gem. This song resonated immediately, with its almost Shakespearean depiction of a loved one's fatal flaw. Ger loses none of the punch of the lyrics as his country-tinged Cork sensibilities add to the NYC stark reality of a tender, tender song.”

2. Pond (Wayne Holmes / Alan Riggs)       4:19       
Hank Wedel: Vocals; Shane Scanlon: Electric Guitar; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Pedal Steel
“This is a hard, gritty song from a band ‘The Mothers’, who had a short life but recorded a couple of classic tracks. The tone of hopeful desperation as the protagonist moves from being ‘on the edge’ to being ready to make the final cut rings true to those whose life feels a burden. We hope it's not followed through, but recognise the path that can lead to such extreme judgements.”

3. I’ll Take a Melody (Allen Toussaint)    3:59

Annette Buckley: Vocals; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, Backing Vocals
“This song has been a mantra for me over the past 40 years. Its lyrics have been described as ‘cognitive behavioural therapy with joy instead of logic’, and the closing refrain, ‘Shine on, keep on shining’, could be the plea to the suffering man in ‘Pond’ - and to all those in pain - to try to shine amidst this vale of tears.”

4. It’ll Shine When it Shines (Steve Cash/John Dillon)    3:46    
Hank Wedel: Vocals; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Backing Vocals; Christy Leahy: Accordion; Brian Carroll: Backing Vocals  

“A gorgeous song from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. It took me years to hunt this down and I’m so pleased that this classic celebration of all that is not possession has been given such a sensitive reading by Hank and Martin. ”

5. SomeRiseSomeFall (Edel Sullivan)      4:08    

Edel Sullivan: Fiddles; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Harmonium, Bass, Percussion
“I've long been an admirer of Edel Sullivan's fiddle playing - one of those artists that has an instinctive feel for what style best  suits a song or situation. This piece was specially commissioned for the project, and it catches beautifully the range of emotions and feelings with which we are all blessed and plagued.”

6. Death Don’t Have No Mercy (Rev. G. Davis)    3:47  
Ger Wolfe: Vocals; Tim Leahy: Accordion; Christy Leahy: Accordion; Áine Whelan: Backing Vocals; Martin Leahy: Guitar
 “I cannot describe the awe that struck me when I heard Ger's version of this Rev. Gary Davis's classic. The Grateful Dead's fiery, psychedelic-blues take on the song has been one of my favourite moments in music. I shared a 1969 live version with Ger, and he came back with a sean nós / Mali blues wonder.“

7. Genesis (Jorma Kaukonen)        3:36    

Hank Wedel: Vocals; Marja Gaynor: Strings 

“This is a haunting tune about a desperate and ultimately unsuccessful plea by a straying husband for forgiveness. Penned by Jorma Kaukonen - formerly lead guitarist of Jefferson Airplane - and one of music’s finest finger-picking guitarists.”

8. Summer Wages (Ian Tyson)    3:53   

Ger Wolfe: Vocals, Guitar .

“I used to listen to this song in my parents’ house every morning. It was sung by the Black Dog himself, Mick Daly, and it was some time later that I learned who Ian Tyson was. Years later, when watching the additional material to the documentary Festival Express, I heard Ian's marvelous and unsurpassed version of Bob Dylan's ‘Tears of Rage’ and the circle was complete.”

9. Palm Sunday (Garcia / Hunter)     2:18    
Ger Wolfe: Vocals; Áine Whelan: Backing Vocals; Helen Murphy: Bass; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Keys, Percussion
“This track was a very short (not words associated with Jerry Garcia) track on the album Cats Under The Stars by the Jerry Garcia Band. This version includes extra lyrics by Robert Hunter.”

10. Serpent of Dreams (Jorma Kaukonen) 4:55     

Hank Wedel: Vocals; Marja Gaynor: Strings; Shane Scanlon: Electric Guitar; Martin Leahy: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Piano, Harmonium, Backing Vocals

 “A song about addiction. A song about temptation. A song with beautiful riffs. Again from the pen of Jorma Kaukonen, but this time for his Hot Tuna outlet. I love the tangle that is this song. I discovered it one day when John Coffey of UNEEDA Records asked me to buy someone's full collection to avoid the treasures being separated. I've mined that collection incessantly over the past 33 years.”


11. Days Between (Garcia / Hunter)      7:37    

Annette Buckley: Vocals, Piano
“Along with So Many Roads, a wonderful late-period Grateful Dead classic, which remained unreleased but is so powerful and evocative.”

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